BVI Company Registration - General Requirements

General Requirements

  • Shareholder(s)

    The company should have at least one shareholder.

  • Director(s)

    A company must have at least one director, and corporate directors are permitted. The first director(s) of the company has to be appointed within 6 months from the date of incorporation of the company. Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and must not be a bankrupt. 

    The register of directors of a BVI company are private and not available to the public. Unless the company elects otherwise, the information will not be disclosed to any person(s).

  • Number of Shares

    BVI companies do not have authorised share capital. The maximum number of shares is 50,000 shares, each with a par value of US$1.

  • Registered Agent and Registered Office

    Each BVI company must have a Registered Agent and Registered Office in the BVI (provided by a licenced service provider).

    The company is required to keep documents such as, its memorandum and articles, the register of members (or a copy thereof), the register of directors (or a copy thereof) and copies of all notices and other documents filed by the Company in the previous ten years, at the office of the Registered Agent.

    Other records (such as meetings and resolutions of directors and members) of the Company can be maintained, either at the office of the company’s Registered Agent, or such other place(s) either within or outside the BVI as the directors may decide.

  • Company Secretary

    A company secretary is not required for BVI companies.